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    Pavel Titovich

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    …retorno a los clásicos

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    Huelva. Spain

    In the mid-1920’s, when Telefónica was created, the Company decided to take on the task of documenting, through photographs and film, the far-reaching technological revolution that it was about to carry out in Spain. For this project, some of the most prominent photographers, or “graphic reporters”, of the era - such as Marín, Alfonso, Gaspar and Contreras, and Vilaseca - were hired for the job. Due to its historical nature and the range of its contents (over twelve-thousand pictures taken between 1924 and 1931), Telefónica’s Photographic Archive is a unique collection, both at a national – this is a one of a kind project in Spain - and an international level.

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    Untitled by 酷子 / Su Xinyu

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    New York. An altar to Our Lady of Help, Mott St, May 16, 1908.


  9. Itsuro Naraki  ph.


  10. Diego Rivera